Currently I am thinking about..

Going to Apples WWDC next week! Counting the days.

7. June 2016

If you follow my Twitter, you may have already seen it: Apple was very generous and sponsored my WWDC ticket!

The email reads:

Dear Jan Philip Bernius,

Congratulations! You’ve been awarded a WWDC Scholarship and a conference ticket has been assigned to you. We enjoyed reviewing your submission and look forward to seeing you in June.

We’ll contact you soon with details about attending the conference.

Best regards,
Apple Developer Relations

A month later, it is about time to start. Flights are in two days, packing has started and excitement is high.


Keynote and lining up

Always a big part of the WWDC is the Keynote on Monday. There are lots of discussions in the WWDC Slack on when to line up. Hopefully I mange to get a reasonable seat without sacrificing all my sleep.

Sessions & Labs

Apples WWDC companion App has cryptic names for sessions and labs until today. Let's find out whats hidden behind keeping(quite) and guess = doNotEvenTry().

This is my first time visiting Apples WWDC, so there is not much more I can say so far.
During the week, I try to send a couple of posts.